Jamaican Flag Earrings

$15 $20

You will receive one pair of earrings in your choice. These lovely earrings feature silver-plated metal with ear wires and class Jamaican Flag cabochons. The Flag of Jamaican can now be proudly worn on your ears. The Flag of Jamaican on these earrings makes the perfect gift for anyone who has heritage from Jamaican. Enjoy the flag of Jamaica when in the privacy of your home or out in public, as these earrings are sure to get a lot of positive attention!

The black is for Africa. The red is for the blood of all living things in the world. The gold is for all of the treasures in the world that people cherish. The green is for the earth that people walk on, to which Rastas feel a special connection. These colors represent the Rastafari way of life. They were often proudly displayed by Bob Marley, one of the leading people in the Rastafarian movement. Order this today or browse our incredible selection of jewelry, books, and more FAST SHIPPING!

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