Miracle Prints

Large Disc Statement Earrings, Funky Earrings, Colorful Earrings

$15 $25
If you're not afraid of going extra and making a statement with your style, these big chunky earrings are just the right fit for you! They also make a great gift for your wife, girlfriend, colleague, friend etc. They will surely appreciate your choice of gifting. They are available in different styles for you to choose from. Please pick your style pattern from the drop-down menu above. The design features a round plastic disk that has the print on it and hook style dangle. Please note that our earrings are double-sided, which means you get 2 pairs for the price of one unlike any other pair! Wear them and feel as unique as our earrings. FREE SHIPPING!!! 1-2 days for processing 1-3 days for shipping Ships from North Carolina USA

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