Mother’s Day Gift For Mom Desk Name Plate

$17 $25

Mom Desk Name Plate imagine your loved one is going through a stressful day at work, they come back to their desk and see this sign plate gifted by you. That instant moment will remind them how precious you are. What's better than seeing a smile on your loved one’s face, especially if you are the reason behind it. That smile is what Aahs!! Engraving works so hard for. Introducing to you, our all-new set of office desk plates.

This an amazing gift to give on any occasion. Be it mothers day, fathers day, Valentine's day, siblings day, friendship day, or any other family gathering, this desk plate can be added to all types of gift baskets and packages. Your favorite teacher, coach, uncle, aunt, cousin, nephew, niece, and everyone else needs one of these from you to show them their special place in your heart. Your husband or wife deserves a little recognition because of a happy wife, happy life!


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