Yellow and Black Dangle Earrings For Women

$15 $20

These amazing Yellow and Black Dangle earrings are some of the most current trends fashionables right now! They are a stunning pair of beaded earrings available in many colors! They can add that extra “something” to a get-up to run to the store or for a much needed night out. These accessories are a MUST for anyone’s jewelry collection.

Because we love our designs so much and know you will too, we can’t wait to hear how much you appreciate it. We think you’ll be waiting for them by the mailbox just as we do! We appreciate the support that you are giving us. Black Yellow earrings can be a perfect complement to your dress. 

Simple and modern dangling stud earrings, inspired by the urban environment. They are lightweight and translucent, comfortable to wear, and easy to combine. Yellow and Black Dangle combination geometric design makes it more fashionable too. 

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